Monday, December 31, 2007

2peas Daily Challenge - Last one for 2007

Last Challenge for 2007~ Do you have any plans for the last day of 2007?

I would love to have scrapbooked, but no can do... so I -

  • 1 - Went to doctor - Cancer screening
  • 2- HELPED Najee with his laundry
  • 3 - Cleaned house
  • ****JUST CHILLED -UNTIL******
  • 4- Going to church at 9pm tonight for watch night service... Bringing in the New year right!

Altered Items

Happy New Years to all.. 2008

Happy New Years to all.. have a Blessed and Happy and safe New Years...I'll be in Church for New years just like last year... Someone told me that 2007 was a year of completion and that 2008 is a year for New beginning, I wonder if that true.. To all of you that will be experiencing New beginnings I wish you all the best and my prays are with you.....

As many of my friends know i have had 3 blogs deleted in the past 5 months, why i really don't know so I love blogging so much going forward .... maybe I won't have another porblem.... This is an old blog that i've had for some time.... and it was never touched, so let see if something happens to this blog ... maybe i should make it private...
Have a Blessed and safe Happy New Year!

Some scrapbooking that I finally got around to doing....